Wednesday, 19 December 2012

MinkPink Paisley Print Goodness and other tempting treats...

(Left Dress) MinkPink Velvet dress @ Urban Outfitters £65
MinkPink Paisley trapeze dress @ asos £55

OH MY LOVE off the shoulder dress @ asos £35
TOPSHOP geek shoes £30
PULL & BEAR khaki wool and shearling gilet £49.99

This is basically my christmas wishlist that i would definitely buy for myself if i didn't have to spend money on everyone else :( I have saturday to find the rest of the christmas presents that i need to buy for people but i think ive got most of it done it just all needs wrapping! I don't really feel christmassy this year compared to the last few years, i don't think it has properly sunk in yet that christmas is in 5 days because im at work all the time whereas for the last 3 years i was bumming around at uni having all the time in the world to do what i wanted! Work is NO FUN AT ALL. If i happen to stumble upon the velvet dress in urban outfitters on saturday though im not sure ill be able to walk out without it, it's so so Winter kate but half the price! 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Candycane and Rudolph glitter nails.

 Glitter - The Range £2.99
Brown - Barry M mushroom £2.99 from Boots
Black - Barry M black £2.99 from Boots
White - Given as a gift in a manicure set so i dont know :S
Top coat - Models own 
Tonight i seem to have come over all festive! Possibly because i caught my mom watching the worst christmas film ever made this afternoon, i don't even know what it was called but it was American and it was pure camembert cheese, so so cringey about 2 neighbours competing against each other over having the best christmas lights, there was also a teenage love story involving the daughter of one neighbour called suzy and the son of the other called chip. I say no more. As well as that god awful movie she also watched several of Jamie Olivers christmas programmes (which i enjoyed watching.)
So once all of this was over i ended up painting a reindeer onto my nail just messing around but then i thought hmm apart from his wonky nose i actually think i did quite well, so off i went and carried on with a candy cane. I wasn't thinking about blogging them so i didn't photograph the process but i basically just cut up thin lines of selotape to do the candy cane and also to do the reindeers nose. The glitter i got in a pack from the range (such a good homeware shop!) All i did was put on a clear base and then sprinkle over the glitter, so simple! To do the antlers i cut a cotton bud in a diagonal and used to point to dip in the black barry m varnish and voila!  
Festive Fingers :) 

Revlon Really Red

Revlon Really Red - Boots £7.49

Hey Guysss, so i recently picked this lipstick up from Boots whilst browsing for a perfect red lipstick due to failing at choosing a 'really' red lipstick when previously purchasing a lipstick of the red variety. (blaaa)  In other words, i have never really found the perfect true red. One of the failed red colours i purchased before and hated is the Kate moss first collection lipstick in number 12, this was too orangey and bright for my skin i felt. Soo, after trying this Revlon Matte lipstick out for an 8 hour shift at work what i found was the following...

Pigmentation: 10/10 - One swipe application.
Wearing time: 10/10 - It literally lasted me all day, i didn't NEED to touch up.
Feel: This lipstick is a matte lipstick so obviously has no moisture whatsoever, however, i found that it didn't dry out my lips, instead just felt as though i wasn't wearing anything.
Overall: Perfect red lipstick, it's not too bright, not too dark, long lasting, inexpensive and highly pigmented. I will 100% be trying out more of this matte collection. 

I will post a full face (:|) photo of me wearing this lipstick at some point but today i was slightly hungover and therefore unable to do so, but this little cut out mouth does the colour no justice (against my yellow skin :\ hmm.) 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What i'm wearing... to work.

Blazer - h&m
Leather skirt - h&m
leotard - forever 21
boots - matalan
scarf - h&m
bag - topshop
collar - h&m

Just what i wore to work today, not very good pictures because i took them on my phone really quickly before i had to go. I rediscovered this skirt, i bought it last year but it came in the delivery again the other day and i thought hmm i forgot about that! Must wear again!. Also rediscovered this blazer that i bought a couple of years ago, i put it on with an outfit a few weeks ago and decided that i really liked it again, it's double breasted which i really like and it's quite long, it just looks a lot smarter than the blazers weve had recently so i'm really glad i bought it now because it's lasted me so long!
Tomorrow i finally have a day off so i'm going to see paranorman with my old pal Fay, were going to go for lunch aswell somewhere because she has 2 for 1 at bella italia, cafe rouge, ask italian and pizza express, so weve just got to decide where to go! I'll possibly do another outfit post tomorrow, depends if i can be bothered to put anything reasonably nice on because tonight im feeling really sick and ill :(

Monday, 17 September 2012

Fall Haul A/W 2012

ASOS ankle socks - £4.50

h&m caridgan - £19.99

New Look caridgan - £22

h&m scarf - £7.99

h&m skinny jeans - £19.99

Jeans again, rose gold ankle detail

Primark fur gilet - £20

ASOS swing dress - £18

h&m burgundy jumper - £14.99

Matalan ankle boots - £18

h&m collar - £3.99
Just a mini haul of what i've been buying recently, i didn't buy all of this in one go it's just what i've accumulated over the last few weeks, obviously a lot of it is from h&m because i work there and it's too tempting to buy things when im there eyeing it up all the time. I've been wearing this collar with nearly every outfit because i just think it makes everything look so smart and clean? If that make's sense. 
I've been really excited about autumn recently because it's my favourite time of year, i love October because Halloween is soo exciting, i really want something good to do this year for it, i also bought a little pumpkin spice candle which smells amazing but when it's lit it actually doesn't fill the room like the yankee candles do. I really wish we had a bath and body works over here as well because everybody raves so much about the slatkin & co candles. AND something else which really annoyed me, i went to house of fraser last week to get a 'be thankful' yankee candle because that's the only place that did that scent, and it's been discontinued! :( That was my absolute favourite smell, it literally smelt like autumn in a jar.
Anyway, that was just a quick post to show you some of the items i've been dying to wear recently but it's been too hot! Off to work now :(

Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday #5 Things - 2

1. kitten heels - h&m £24.99
2. Mac studio finish concealor - £14.50
3. Topshop lipstick in beguiled - £8
4. Oversized jumper h&m - £14.99
5. Topshop horror tee - £18

Another friday five things that i've had my eye on recently, i've chosen to do it on friday's because i get paid on friday's so i think it's fitting, i don't necessarily buy all of these things but i ponder over them for a while. In the post previously i showed you two pairs of shoes...
1. the h&m shoes are the ones i'm leaning towards i think!
2. Mac concealer, probably a weird thing to think about because concealer is an everyday product for most people but i don't wear it at all in the day i only wear the dainty doll concealer i posted about when i'm going out to brighten my face under the bronzer and blusher, i think i'm going to buy this concealer because it's had some good reviews, i wanted to get the studio sculpt but i've heard it's being discontinued so what would be the point?

3. Topshop dark red lips!! love this colour, i really want this i've been looking for this type of colour for a while, i bought one from collection 2000 (i think) but it was a horrible consistency, really messy, bled into the cracks in my lips and i had a horrible feeling it was going to go all down my chin and on my teeth whilst i'm at work or shopping or whatever, so i need to swatch this before i buy it but usually the topshop lipsticks are like a creamy matte which would be perfect.

4. This jumper from h&m, i've actually tried it on at work and it fit's perectly, i'm definitly buying this to go under a black fur gilet i bought which i'll post about soon, i also think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans, the topshop lipstick and the shoes!

5. I LOVE this t shirt from topshop, i wish i'd bought it when i first saw it online but i never and now it's sold out and it's not available in ANY store :(  :(  :(
I love it so much, it's so halloweeny and i absolutely love halloween it's my favorite time of year!


h&m - £24.99
Matalan - £16

So this is an odd post but i really cannot decide between these two shoes, the first ones are beautiful and i love them because they have the metal cap and also metal heel which is perfect, i also like the way the shoe dips in the inside, so much like the zara ones, however the only issue i have with these ones is that the metal is silver, i don't wear much silver so i'd need to buy like a silver collar or something to match them which is not a problem as such! Also i work at h&m so i get discount which means that the two pairs are near enough the same price.

The second pair are from matalan which is really odd for matalan as i think of it as an older persons shop but actually they have some nice shoes and boots on the website, i have bought some ankle boots from there recently which i will post about in a what ive been buying post because i seem to have bought a lot recently for the autumn/winter season as it's my favourite! I really like these because the cap is gold which i think just look's more expensive and i already have a gold collar to match them.

So please please help me decide which ones to buy!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Two colour dip dye.

Crazy colour - pine green
Jadore - aquamarine
both £2.50

I dip dyed my hair a few times last winter, i had directions lilac (i didn't like this brand i thought the colours were weak and washed out quickly) and stargazer tropical green, this time i decided to use two colours together, i went to a hair shop in birmingham and came across these brands which i'd never even heard of before, they were really cheap and the hair examples in the shop looked really nice so i bought them. I put both of the colours on together to kind of blend them in the middle, left them on for a few minutes and washed it out, the colour turned out really well, it's extremely pigmented and so far has hardly washed out at all. I want to get the colours out now though (which im struggling to) because i have another idea of how i want to do it with more pastel colours, when i do i'll post better pics, i wasn't thinking about blogging these at the time i was just instagramming @jademcclelland

Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday #5 Things...

1. Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume - £85. I've wanted this perfume for soo long, the only reason i haven't got it is because of the price. I'm not prepared to spend that amount of money on a perfume that i don't really think is 'me', my favourite ever perfume is Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf which i've been wearing for a few years, Black orchid is nothing like the usual scents i go for e.g. Vera Wang Princess, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Flowerbomb but i just love the smell of it when i'm walking past the Tom Ford perfumes in Selfridges.

2. Revlon Photoready Airbrush - £12.99. My mom bought this foundation today and it's so lovely, it's a mousse foundation but it's a lot more runny than other foundations like Maybelline dream mousse, the consistency is quite thick when your rubbing it in but the finish feels so silky and soft. I would say it's medium coverage, it has a matte finish with a tiny bit of glitter, it feels moisturizing without the dewyness. Im deffo purchasing this when my Rimmel 25hr runs out!

3. Check shorts from h&m - £19.99. Saw these shorts at work the other day and i loved them, I think they look really autumny, Going to buy these tomorrow if my size is in stock.

4. Amber knitted scarf from h&m - £7.99. Going to order this scarf online because i havent seen it in store, love the colour of it, i think it would look good with the shorts, black tights, loafers, an off white shirt, a blazer and a huge tan bag.

5. YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion - £23.50. Really want this lipstick for the packaging more than anything, i think it looks classic. The colour is also lovely, it's a peachy nude pink which goes on creamy and is really pigmented.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dainty Doll concealer

Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll concealer - £14.50  buy here

I actually bought this concealer when it was in the old packaging. It now has new packaging which i actually don't think is as nice. ANYWAY, excuse the vile eye pictures i had no make up on (obviously) so i bought this concealer in a light colour to go on underneath my foundation just to brighten around my eyes and underneath Kim kardashian style seen here
I think it makes your skin look much healither and it brightens up your face. I don't really suffer with dark undereyes too bad so i go without any sort of concealer on a daily basis but when i decide to take my time doing my make up i use this just to make my skin look more glowing and natural. I like this concealer because it's matte, it goes on really nicely, i use a benefit concealer brush to apply it and then i use my fingers to blend the edges. I'll post a picture of my whole make-up at some point to try and show how it all looks together.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid + Prep and Prime

MAC studio fix fluid - £20.50 buy here
MAC prep and prime primer - £19.50 buy here
Real Techniques Stippling brush - £11.99 buy here

I've had these products for quite some time now so i thought i'd write a quick post about them!
I decided to buy the foundation and primer because i wanted a nice full coverage foundation to wear when i'm doing something good e.g. shopping, going out etc. Basically everything other than work! For work i use drug store foundations (rimmel 24hour currently) just because i don't particularly want to spend loads of money going through expensive foundation just to wear to work.
I decided to buy the primer because i'd read such good things about it and i needed a good primer to help set my make-up as i was finding my make-up just wasn't staying on throughout the day. MAC's prep and prime is a really nice primer, it's unscented, it's silky smooth and doesn't feel heavy on your skin, it also has a small amount of glitter in it which just makes your skin glisten slightly. I've used it with a couple of foundations and i have found it does help your make-up stay on longer, it also helps your foundation blend much nicer so you don't end up looking cakey.

The foundation is also a great product. It has a matte finish which is perfect for when your going out because your skin looks completely flawless. MAC states that it's a medium buildable coverage but i think it's an extremely high coverage foundation which is why i would recommend wearing it with a primer just to help it blend. I use the real techniques stippling brush to apply the foundation because i think it gives the best finish, you only need a very small amount of product and it covers a huge area. I've tried using a foundation brush which i don't think works as well because it leaves some streaks, fingers would be fine for day wear but to get a flawless finish it definitely needs to be buffed into the skin. I would recommend this foundation so so much for people with oily skin, i sometimes get an oily t-zone which is why i like a matte foundation but even when my skin is normal the foundation still looks good, i use a highlighter on my cheeks and brow bones to make my skin look brighter and healthier. I can't say whether it would be any good for people with dry skin because i don't ever really get it. So, overall i would say these products work really well together, it has good coverage, a flawless finish and last's a fair amount of time.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cyprus outfit #1

head chain - asos
bracelet - new look
bralet - f21
belt - primark
skirt - ebay
sandals - h&m
bag - republic

not a very good quality photo, i deffo need a new camera, i've lost the memory card for my SLR so been using my old canon camera for all of the photos on this blog so far! Also this was taken by my boyfriend who only learnt to take pictures length ways because i kept moaning at him about it, so he obviously didn't adjust any settings for this, put the flash on etc. Anyway, i didn't take pictures of every outfit i wore for the 2 weeks i was in cyprus because 1. i forgot, 2. i was too drunk, 3. it was too hot and sweaty or 3. i was having too much of a good time to think about it.
This was one of my favourite outfit's whilst i was there, i love the bralet, it's so comfy to wear, i also got a lace black one which i wore with a rust sheer maxi skirt, but i didnt get a photo of it :(, i'll have to take one at some point. I miss being on holiday, since i've been back the weather here is so depressing, i'm actually looking forward to around october when it doesnt rain because it's far too cold to create any moisture!


CND shellac mani and pedi

CND Shellac gel

Last week i went with my brothers girlfriend to get a shellac mani and pedi. This is a gel manicure which is supposed to last for 2 weeks without chipping, peeling, scratching etc. I've only taken pictures of my nails because my toes are exactly the same colour so i thought why get my toes out if i don't need to? I dont acutally know the name of the colour i chose but it's in a pinky/milky matte bottle, possible the third bottle from the left in the top picture. I assumed that the colour would be the same as the colour on the bottle but NO it came out a kind of natural translucent milky colour, which i do like but it's not the colour i chose! The colour's aren't really much to choose from, they seem quite old fashioned colours e.g. red shimmer, purple shimmer and green shimmer. I actually went in wanting a dark brown but they didn't have one! 

I went to get it done in one of the salons in the jewellery quarter but i can't remember the name (bad) but it was called something devine anyway. The staff were really nice and the actual shellac gel went on lovely, dries instantly etc. For the pedicure you soak your feet first in a foot massager thing (cant remember what it's called) and you get a little foot scrub. When she was doing my toes it was fine but when she did my nails OH MY GOD, she filed my skin and everything, you can see on the pictures, the finger next to my thumb has broken skin around it, this is from the filing, she slit the side of my finger with the nail file and it bled, she then put surgical spirit on the cut to clean it which realllly stung! Apart from that it was fine, it's quite neat, except for round the edges which i think is because she was rushing. 

Overall, i do think this is quite good, the price ranges from around £20 for hands and then another £20 for your feet which i don't think is bad because i've had mine on for a week now and they're still in perfect condition, the only thing i would say is check the inside colour before you decide on just looking at the bottles because they differ a lot.

Illamasqua swatches

These are the swatches for the illamasqua bronzer and blusher i posted about last night, i couldn't be bothered to swatch it last night until i realised that the picture of the blusher was completely different to the actual shade. So this is them, this is the most natural light i could get but it's really grey and dull today so it doesn't look that great. Anyway, you can kind of see that they go really well together, i haven't got any fake tan on so it doesn't look as nice as it normally would when i'm my usual shade of orange brown. I'm going out on saturday night so i might take a picture of my whole make-up routine if i have time after work before i go, just so you can see it when it's on my face and i'll be tanned aswell!