Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What i'm wearing... to work.

Blazer - h&m
Leather skirt - h&m
leotard - forever 21
boots - matalan
scarf - h&m
bag - topshop
collar - h&m

Just what i wore to work today, not very good pictures because i took them on my phone really quickly before i had to go. I rediscovered this skirt, i bought it last year but it came in the delivery again the other day and i thought hmm i forgot about that! Must wear again!. Also rediscovered this blazer that i bought a couple of years ago, i put it on with an outfit a few weeks ago and decided that i really liked it again, it's double breasted which i really like and it's quite long, it just looks a lot smarter than the blazers weve had recently so i'm really glad i bought it now because it's lasted me so long!
Tomorrow i finally have a day off so i'm going to see paranorman with my old pal Fay, were going to go for lunch aswell somewhere because she has 2 for 1 at bella italia, cafe rouge, ask italian and pizza express, so weve just got to decide where to go! I'll possibly do another outfit post tomorrow, depends if i can be bothered to put anything reasonably nice on because tonight im feeling really sick and ill :(

Monday, 17 September 2012

Fall Haul A/W 2012

ASOS ankle socks - £4.50

h&m caridgan - £19.99

New Look caridgan - £22

h&m scarf - £7.99

h&m skinny jeans - £19.99

Jeans again, rose gold ankle detail

Primark fur gilet - £20

ASOS swing dress - £18

h&m burgundy jumper - £14.99

Matalan ankle boots - £18

h&m collar - £3.99
Just a mini haul of what i've been buying recently, i didn't buy all of this in one go it's just what i've accumulated over the last few weeks, obviously a lot of it is from h&m because i work there and it's too tempting to buy things when im there eyeing it up all the time. I've been wearing this collar with nearly every outfit because i just think it makes everything look so smart and clean? If that make's sense. 
I've been really excited about autumn recently because it's my favourite time of year, i love October because Halloween is soo exciting, i really want something good to do this year for it, i also bought a little pumpkin spice candle which smells amazing but when it's lit it actually doesn't fill the room like the yankee candles do. I really wish we had a bath and body works over here as well because everybody raves so much about the slatkin & co candles. AND something else which really annoyed me, i went to house of fraser last week to get a 'be thankful' yankee candle because that's the only place that did that scent, and it's been discontinued! :( That was my absolute favourite smell, it literally smelt like autumn in a jar.
Anyway, that was just a quick post to show you some of the items i've been dying to wear recently but it's been too hot! Off to work now :(

Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday #5 Things - 2

1. kitten heels - h&m £24.99
2. Mac studio finish concealor - £14.50
3. Topshop lipstick in beguiled - £8
4. Oversized jumper h&m - £14.99
5. Topshop horror tee - £18

Another friday five things that i've had my eye on recently, i've chosen to do it on friday's because i get paid on friday's so i think it's fitting, i don't necessarily buy all of these things but i ponder over them for a while. In the post previously i showed you two pairs of shoes...
1. the h&m shoes are the ones i'm leaning towards i think!
2. Mac concealer, probably a weird thing to think about because concealer is an everyday product for most people but i don't wear it at all in the day i only wear the dainty doll concealer i posted about when i'm going out to brighten my face under the bronzer and blusher, i think i'm going to buy this concealer because it's had some good reviews, i wanted to get the studio sculpt but i've heard it's being discontinued so what would be the point?

3. Topshop dark red lips!! love this colour, i really want this i've been looking for this type of colour for a while, i bought one from collection 2000 (i think) but it was a horrible consistency, really messy, bled into the cracks in my lips and i had a horrible feeling it was going to go all down my chin and on my teeth whilst i'm at work or shopping or whatever, so i need to swatch this before i buy it but usually the topshop lipsticks are like a creamy matte which would be perfect.

4. This jumper from h&m, i've actually tried it on at work and it fit's perectly, i'm definitly buying this to go under a black fur gilet i bought which i'll post about soon, i also think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans, the topshop lipstick and the shoes!

5. I LOVE this t shirt from topshop, i wish i'd bought it when i first saw it online but i never and now it's sold out and it's not available in ANY store :(  :(  :(
I love it so much, it's so halloweeny and i absolutely love halloween it's my favorite time of year!


h&m - £24.99
Matalan - £16

So this is an odd post but i really cannot decide between these two shoes, the first ones are beautiful and i love them because they have the metal cap and also metal heel which is perfect, i also like the way the shoe dips in the inside, so much like the zara ones, however the only issue i have with these ones is that the metal is silver, i don't wear much silver so i'd need to buy like a silver collar or something to match them which is not a problem as such! Also i work at h&m so i get discount which means that the two pairs are near enough the same price.

The second pair are from matalan which is really odd for matalan as i think of it as an older persons shop but actually they have some nice shoes and boots on the website, i have bought some ankle boots from there recently which i will post about in a what ive been buying post because i seem to have bought a lot recently for the autumn/winter season as it's my favourite! I really like these because the cap is gold which i think just look's more expensive and i already have a gold collar to match them.

So please please help me decide which ones to buy!