Thursday, 8 March 2012

DIY crochet shorts...

For some reason the picture keeps uploading onto blogger vertically and i don't know how to rotate it so i haven't (Y) Had these short's for ages and i now hate them, they are too light and i bought some shorter better bluer ones from river island, so i decided to sew some crochet onto them and i think it looks quite good :) The crochet was from an old dress that had ripped but im sure it's not that expensive to buy. 

Cream & Turquoise...

Jacket - h&m
Dress - asos
Necklace - forever 21
Bag - river island
Flatforms - h&m

Just what i'm wearing today, sunny but cold. I had uni but the greatest thing happened, i got a txt to say it was cancelled due to staff illness :D I love these shoes i bought them online, haven't seen them in store but they are £24.99.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Skulls and Croses

Did this to my nails due to boredom. I used 17 WOO ME and Barry M black, i used a nail art brush aswell obviously. It's messy around the edges but a shower will sort that out.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Want list...

Topshop - £38

Motel - £52
Topshop - £10 (and the green)

asos - £18

asos - £20 (had similar ones last year but they broke :( )
miss selfridge - £45
h&m - £59.99
in love with fashion - £40
Wildfox - £215
zara - £39.99
zara - £22.99
All the things i want but can't afford.

Monday, 5 March 2012

New hair...

All images from

I HATE my hair atm, it's a horrible colour, the ends are frizzy, my moroccan oil isn't doing anything, everytime i dye it, it fades, it doesnt go wavy properly, it's either really curly or just bad messy not good messy, and i hate wearing my hair up i feel exposed (lol) but i wear it up nearly everyday to uni and work. For some reason my sea salt sprays have stopped working, the fudge one and the umberto giannini, they don't make my hair wavy they just made it look damp and sticky, which is annoying! I've decided i need a different hair colour but i don't know what, so instead i've decided i might dip dye the ends baby pink, or just dye some strands underneath (can't decide) I had it dipdyed tropical green last summer and i loved it but it was too hard to get out of the blonde so it looked like i had bleached my hair and washed it off with chlorine, and i did it lilac not that long ago but i didn't like it, it was too grey. I wouldn't mind my hair looking like any of these pictures, especially the all over pink olsen, or Gillian Zinser, obviously (L)

Friday, 2 March 2012


Fix me to a chain around your neck and wear me like a nickel...

Shirt - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Bag - ebay

Another boring day today, all i'm doing is going to pro vibes again at half 4 ;| not going out tonight or doing anything other than watch benidorm because i've got to get up for work a 5am!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Start of Summer...

Kimono - forever 21
dress - h&m
cuff - primark
bag - river island

It's soo sunny again today, i'm so bored though, there's nothing to do! All of my friends are either at work or at uni, this reading week is the most boring week of my life! All im doing today is picking my brother up from school, i might take him to the shop's just to get out in this warmness, buy him a tip-top ;) 

I love this kimono, it's really light and can be worn with anything because it's cream, i'm thinking this could be my airport outfit when i go to Cyprus, but there's a massive possibility this will change because it's not until the end of June! Clothes everywhere recently though are not doing anything for me, which is good because iv'e banned myself from buying anything!