Thursday, 1 March 2012

Start of Summer...

Kimono - forever 21
dress - h&m
cuff - primark
bag - river island

It's soo sunny again today, i'm so bored though, there's nothing to do! All of my friends are either at work or at uni, this reading week is the most boring week of my life! All im doing today is picking my brother up from school, i might take him to the shop's just to get out in this warmness, buy him a tip-top ;) 

I love this kimono, it's really light and can be worn with anything because it's cream, i'm thinking this could be my airport outfit when i go to Cyprus, but there's a massive possibility this will change because it's not until the end of June! Clothes everywhere recently though are not doing anything for me, which is good because iv'e banned myself from buying anything!

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