Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Flourescent summer...

Jumper - Topshop
Shorts - river island
shoes - primark
bag - h&m

Today the sun finally arrived as well as this jumper from topshop, when i opened it i thought it looked much brighter than it did online but i love it! I thought i might aswell throw it on today as the sun is shining. Pictures outside and inside to show the colour as best as possible. It's actually luminous so the inside picture (above) is not that great, my brother asked me why i was wearing a traffic cone jumper but whatever. Love these sandals from primark aswell, had them for a while now, they also come in a coraly/orange which i wish i bought when i saw them! They are comfortable real leather and only £12!
Today i went to get my nails filled in, they were far too long! ergh. And i went on the sunbeds :| but only because i'm trying to get my skin a bit tanned before i go to cyprus in a few weeks so i don't burn straight away because it's SO hot over there and i'm lazy with sun cream! Also bought a nail varnish from boots which i quite like, 17 pink lemonade, it actually looks like pink lemonade, no pictures though sorry!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mint green...

Dress - h&m
Necklace - h&m

Just a quick post to show what i bought at work yesterday, i didn't really know which colour to buy of this dress because there was a black or a bright dark salmony pink, i went for the mint blue because i think it goes really well with the pastel pink necklace. I only bought it for my holiday, otherwise i wouldn't bother because the weather is so depressing. It's 12.99 aswell which is really cheap especially with my discount. It also has a really low back but i couldn't get it to photograph very well.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Winter Kate

Nicole Richie's Winter kate collection spring 2012

I really love Nicole Richie's style and the winter kate collection's are exactly like the bohemian/hippy style that Nicole always goes for. I like the color's in this collection, last winter the collection was darker, more velvet and fringed but i like the clean look of this collection. I think that the price is quite high but not completely unaffordable! But then you can always wait for the asos sale...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Recent purchases...

Miss selfridge - rust leather in Millie Mackintosh style
Miss selfridge - green tape cardigan
Topshop - fluro jumper
Topshop - whimsical lipstick
Bought these item's yesterday, can't wait for them to be delivered. I wanted an orange leather jacket for ages after seeing Millie Mackintosh wearing one in Made in Chelsea, but obviously i can't afford thousands of pounds on a leather jacket so when i saw this on the miss selfridge website i was so excited, expecially when in the reviews somebody had written; "bit more orange than expected". As soon as i read this it was straight in the basket. And i think it was only about £52 which is quite good i think when you see some that are £70 or £90.
I bought the cardigan because of the weather, i really like the colour because it's fresh and light but the fact that it's a cardigan means i can get away with wearing it in the dull grey British weather. I keep seeing mint and lemon dresses and shorts when im at work and i reserve them every week but never end up buying them because i know i'll have no chance to wear them!
The jumper i have wanted for ages so as soon as i saw it in stock online in my size i got it straight away, it's sold out everywhere! I want it to wear with some denim shorts for a bbq for my friends birthday on the bank holiday weekend, because obviously you can near enough guarantee that it won't be great weather.
Finally, the lipstick, i swatched it on my hand a few weeks ago in Coventry and ended up not getting it because i've got a few similar lipsticks already, i ended up buying the 'coy' lipstick which i was unimpressed with after properly trying it on my lips, it's very powdery and dry, the colours a bit too pink i would prefer it to be more peachy. So i regretted my decision and decided i might aswell buy it when i bought the jumper.  

Work soon :( Ciao

Thursday, 17 May 2012

I know that I'm a mess with my hair and my suntan, short dress, bare feet

Hat - h&m
dress - h&m
blue ring - h&m
pink ring - accessorize
kimono - band of gypsies @ asos
bag - oasis
wedges - ebay

Just thought i'd quickly post what i'm wearing today, (sort of) when i go out im going to wear tights (obv.) i wish it was sunny though so i didn't have to. Also thinking that i might wear something along the lines of this when i go to london in a few weeks, as long as it's a nice day anyway, which it probably won't be! 

Also, i love this bowler, i've had it for aaaages but i'm to scared to wear it just on a day to day basis, it's ok if your going out but u know.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

orange lips...

Model's own - coral

Bought this because i went to buy the tutti frutti Rimmel lip butter but it sold out, so after about half an hour roaming around the make up stands in boots i finally decided that this was the closest match. After using it i've decided i actually prefer it to the lip butters because it's more pigmented and lasts for about an hour which is fine for the price, i think it was either £5 or £6, cheaper than the lip butters anyway. I really like the colour, it's bright and glossy. The lipstick's really moisturizing as well so you can wear it on dry lips without it looking a mess.

Rainy Tuesday...

Leather Jacket - h&m
dress - primark
scarf - Alexander McQueen
rings - h&m 
bag - ebay
sandals - primark

Boring day today, as per usual, it's so boring in the weekdays now i haven't got assignments or dissertations to write! Need a full time job soon, i can't be working at h&m at weekends and bumming around in the week for much longer. 

Crap picture quality but i just decided last minute to take some pictures of what i threw on to go out today, i've decided to carry on my blog due to boredom, i only started it for my dissertation and stopped when i didn't need it anymore, but i thought i might as well give it a go, changed the layout which i think looks nicer, it was too cluttered before and everything was default.

Today i just went for some 356 calorie sweet chilli noodles and a diet coke from wetherspoon's with my mother, it torrentially rained on the way back which made my hair go funny and flat, it looked wavier and bigger this morning. I also don't have any extensions in today which i hate but i couldn't be bothered to mess around with my hair when i was getting ready. 

So excited about going on holiday now, everytime there is a small amount of sun i get happy at the thought of actually being able to wear the clothes I've been buying. Also, started going swimming with jodie and fay which is good, not that we do as much swimming as we do gossiping or bitching about people but nevermind.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


I have finally finished uni! So happy about it because i was considering leaving instead of doing my dissertation due to that fact that i couldn't see myself ever getting to 11,000 words on any subject. It was the best feeling ever in the world handing in my last piece of work. Now i need a full time job which is not a nice feeling. :|

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

long lashes

Eylure individual lashes - Boots £5.35

I bought these eyelashes to try (again) because the first time i used individual lashes they weren't very good because i was too scared to have them really long so this time i thought why not go all out. I do really like them but i'm constantly touching them and looking in the mirror to see if they've fallen out. The only bad thing i think is that the glue that come's with them isn't very good it dries out so quickly it's really hard to get them to stick. I'm not sure how long they'll last, probably not much longer than a couple of days but for £5 i suppose it's not bad if you've got somewhere nice to go. I'm wondering whether to get the hollywood lashes done before i go to cyprus, hmm maybe.