Thursday, 17 May 2012

I know that I'm a mess with my hair and my suntan, short dress, bare feet

Hat - h&m
dress - h&m
blue ring - h&m
pink ring - accessorize
kimono - band of gypsies @ asos
bag - oasis
wedges - ebay

Just thought i'd quickly post what i'm wearing today, (sort of) when i go out im going to wear tights (obv.) i wish it was sunny though so i didn't have to. Also thinking that i might wear something along the lines of this when i go to london in a few weeks, as long as it's a nice day anyway, which it probably won't be! 

Also, i love this bowler, i've had it for aaaages but i'm to scared to wear it just on a day to day basis, it's ok if your going out but u know.


  1. adore your style!this outfit is amazing!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  2. love the kimono top and the hat! i have a bowler hat too, but never had the guts to wear it out.xx

    1. I know it's annoying, if i went to another city i wouldn't care but whilst im in birmingham it can stay on the hat rack ha! thankyou :) x

  3. I have been looking for the kimono for soooo long!! would you be willing to sell it??

    1. hmmm possibly, email me