Saturday, 19 May 2012

Recent purchases...

Miss selfridge - rust leather in Millie Mackintosh style
Miss selfridge - green tape cardigan
Topshop - fluro jumper
Topshop - whimsical lipstick
Bought these item's yesterday, can't wait for them to be delivered. I wanted an orange leather jacket for ages after seeing Millie Mackintosh wearing one in Made in Chelsea, but obviously i can't afford thousands of pounds on a leather jacket so when i saw this on the miss selfridge website i was so excited, expecially when in the reviews somebody had written; "bit more orange than expected". As soon as i read this it was straight in the basket. And i think it was only about £52 which is quite good i think when you see some that are £70 or £90.
I bought the cardigan because of the weather, i really like the colour because it's fresh and light but the fact that it's a cardigan means i can get away with wearing it in the dull grey British weather. I keep seeing mint and lemon dresses and shorts when im at work and i reserve them every week but never end up buying them because i know i'll have no chance to wear them!
The jumper i have wanted for ages so as soon as i saw it in stock online in my size i got it straight away, it's sold out everywhere! I want it to wear with some denim shorts for a bbq for my friends birthday on the bank holiday weekend, because obviously you can near enough guarantee that it won't be great weather.
Finally, the lipstick, i swatched it on my hand a few weeks ago in Coventry and ended up not getting it because i've got a few similar lipsticks already, i ended up buying the 'coy' lipstick which i was unimpressed with after properly trying it on my lips, it's very powdery and dry, the colours a bit too pink i would prefer it to be more peachy. So i regretted my decision and decided i might aswell buy it when i bought the jumper.  

Work soon :( Ciao


  1. That first jacket is great! I love the color and the side zipper. :-)

    1. I know, it came this morning, it's a good fit and it's more orange than rust, definitely recommend! :)

  2. Just found this post when I was desperately looking for alternatives to Millie's jacket so thanks for this, I'm going to order one now :-)

    1. ha no problem! i love it and it goes with more things than i thought it would. x