Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Beautiful Mess DIY Circular Mat

After seeing this post on A beautiful mess i googled every possible search word to find out if i could buy a similar rug like this anywhere but i couldnt find anything. I decided to buy some wool and try my hand at making one and i think it turned out quite well. The steps on how to make it were really easy to follow and although i chose to keep the colours as close to the orginal as possible you could use any colours you would like. I bought the wool from The wool warehouse they have so much choice in colours and thickness and the prices are really cheap depending on what you want, all of my wool came to around £17 with postage. The pom pom trim i got from hobbycraft, i havent linked the site because you can only buy from store but its £2 per metre. Anyway, im really happy with it, i might try and make another one but a little bigger.

Happy Thursday.

Spring Has Sprung...

Last week we had the warmest few days since last summer so i decided to take my nan and her chihuaua for a walk through the park. It was nice to see a few flowers had popped up in the grass. I can't wait for Summer to officially arrive, im sick of wearing coats and scarves. When is it acceptable to start wearing sandals in England? hmm.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Michael Kors Bag - Bicester Village Purchase

A few weeks ago i went to Bicester Village which is a designer outlet shopping village in Oxford.
Ive been before but only to get some christmas presents so this time i bit the bullet and bought a Michael Kors bag (and a purse and a bag for my mom :|). I opted for the olive green colour just because i have so many black/tan bags. I really love the colour of this bag its very autumnal which is my favourite time of the year and as i wear mostly monochrome it will add a wash of colour to my autumn winter wardrobe.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The lazy cow hotel Warwick and Warwick castle

So on Tuesday me and my boyfriend went to Warwick castle and we thought it would be ideal to stay over and make a whole day of it. We booked to stay at the lazy cow hotel in Warwick which is a 5 minute walk from the castle. The room we had was amazing it had a jacuzzi bath a nespresso machine and sky TV. We paid £120 for the room for one night, it comes with breakfast aswell that you order from a menu rather than a buffet which I personally prefer. The hotel was obviously joined onto the lazy cow restaurant and bar which was just as nice so we decided to just eat there on the evening rather than go into the town because we didn't really see anywhere that jumped out at us on our way back from the castle. The meal was lovely and we stayed for a few cocktails which were just as nice!
So... In the day we spent a fair few hours roaming around Warwick castle, the weather was amazing which added to the atmosphere, the gardens were amazing there were peacocks roaming around and live shows happening throughout the day, as you can see it was very pretty! The castle itself was a little bit scary but very interesting to read about everything that was in there, we were in a room that had (queen or princess?) Anne's deathbed in it (very very scary) and a tower that was haunted by the ghost of sir fulke which apparently was the most commonly seen and heard ghost in the whole castle. So so scary! Anyway, even though I was scared I would 100% recommend it as a day out its £23 per person (adult) but there's always 2 for 1 or half price offers floating about! And to go to the dungeons it's an extra £9 per person which we didn't do because I was far too scared to go into the dungeons for 50 minutes of hell! 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Essie after school boy blazer dupe!

Collection work the colour nail polish £1.99 -

I found this whilst browsing the shelves in boots the other day and it reminded me of essie after school boy blazer but obviously at a tiny fraction of the price. For 1.99 I found this polish to be easy to apply and quick drying, the pictures are taken after applying two coats, the colour pay off was impressive for such a dark colour. Autumn winter colour switch up as I usually stick to a dark burgundy (Barry m red black) to be precise. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Little Lush Haul

From top to bottom

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment - £3.95 A luxury bath melt that smells soo good! It smells of bubblegum/marshmallow/pink fluffy goodness and claims to soften your skin while you bathe, amazing. buy here

Wonder Woohoo - £3.95 This one is a bubble bar and to be honest im not overly impressed by the amount of bubbles that they create but to be honest that doesn't really bother me. This is supposed to be inspired by wonder woman, i don't know much about wonder woman but i just liked the look of it. I'll be putting this in my bath before a night out so all of the gold glitter can make me sparkle. buy here

Fluffy Egg - £2.95 The bath bomb is my most favourite of lush products, they smell amazing and turn your bath different colours. This one smells amazing it's very similar to candy mountain which i absolutely love as christmas. I think this would make a nice easter treat for someone who is trying to ditch the chocolate. buy here

Mumkin - £2.95 Finally another bubble bar, it smells of raspberries, it's quite springy so i thought id buy it and get into the spring feeling. I just thought it was too cute not to buy, it looks the same as the pumpkin bubble bar at halloween hence the name. I love the colour of it aswell i think it will have a really good colour pay off in the water. buy here

The Everyday Handbag - Spring Edit

Accessorize Lilac Bag - £32 buy here

I bought this bag last week after browsing online and having it catch my eye. I went into store to have a look at it and see how big it was (i like my bags big) and i thought it was perfect. I think £32 for a large handbag is a good price and it's perfect to take you into spring/summer!