Sunday, 14 September 2014

The lazy cow hotel Warwick and Warwick castle

So on Tuesday me and my boyfriend went to Warwick castle and we thought it would be ideal to stay over and make a whole day of it. We booked to stay at the lazy cow hotel in Warwick which is a 5 minute walk from the castle. The room we had was amazing it had a jacuzzi bath a nespresso machine and sky TV. We paid £120 for the room for one night, it comes with breakfast aswell that you order from a menu rather than a buffet which I personally prefer. The hotel was obviously joined onto the lazy cow restaurant and bar which was just as nice so we decided to just eat there on the evening rather than go into the town because we didn't really see anywhere that jumped out at us on our way back from the castle. The meal was lovely and we stayed for a few cocktails which were just as nice!
So... In the day we spent a fair few hours roaming around Warwick castle, the weather was amazing which added to the atmosphere, the gardens were amazing there were peacocks roaming around and live shows happening throughout the day, as you can see it was very pretty! The castle itself was a little bit scary but very interesting to read about everything that was in there, we were in a room that had (queen or princess?) Anne's deathbed in it (very very scary) and a tower that was haunted by the ghost of sir fulke which apparently was the most commonly seen and heard ghost in the whole castle. So so scary! Anyway, even though I was scared I would 100% recommend it as a day out its £23 per person (adult) but there's always 2 for 1 or half price offers floating about! And to go to the dungeons it's an extra £9 per person which we didn't do because I was far too scared to go into the dungeons for 50 minutes of hell! 

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