Wednesday, 29 February 2012

leopard spots

Dress - Never fully dressed
bag - new look
shoes - h&m

This week so far has been so boring! I'm off uni this week because it's supposed to be a reading week but i have read 0 books, and i don't plan to read any :| i need to start working properly on my dissertation, i've only done 1500 words :( but i have until the end of april anyway! Went to pro vibes last night, it's like this vibrating thing you stand on and you do like aerobics/dance/weights on it, much harder than i thought it was going to be! The plate vibrates SO hard it took about 5 minutes to get my balance i felt like i was going to fall off! It's kind of a good feeling though because it literally feels like your fat is falling off you. It was a trial but i ended up signing up for 15 classes, 3 or 4 a week, so hopefully i will look like Gillian Zinser in no time.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Summer's in the air and baby, Heaven's in your eyes.

dress - h&m
belt - primark
kimono - river island
bag - ebay
necklace - topshop
rings - topshop, h&m
bracelets - new look, ebay

Went to Stratford to make the most of the sun, being British and all. This is what i wore, i took a leather jacket aswell, the accessorize in stratford has some beaaaautiful things in it i had to stop myself from buying them, but i probably will next time i'm in the bullring. The one thing that i was gonna buy, this red string bracelet with initials on, which was so cuteee, they didn't have a J! Also i wasn't happy because the boat man wasn't there so we couldn't hire a boat for an hour :( instead we went to the pub and had a kopparberg, went to magic alley an looked at the spells, had a milkshake from moo moo's which you should definitly try if you go to Stratford any time soon, they have about 548768976 different flavours for example, cherry drop milkshake, rhubarb and custard, wham bar, and jamaican gingerbread!? And we looked at the year round christmas shop, it was sooo cute! and it was a bit like being in a christmas carol because the buildings are so old fashioned and small. Decided to go to Solihull on the way home to get a juicy cocktail from Tgi Fridays and some sesame chicken strips because they are SO good. nom

Saturday, 25 February 2012

feather hair

headband - h&m

I bought this headband from work aggggggggggggessss ago, it was £1.99 or something like that, i bought it online so i didn't know how long the feathers were and when it came they were too short, it looked like i was wearing one earring, i didnt like the way the headband looked either, i thought it was a bit young looking AND they give me a headache anyway. SO i took apart the feathers and attached them all together to make a long line, the links were indestructable, usually they are so easy to bend and pull apart but they were solid so it took a while and i had to get my primark nail scissors involved, to put it in my hair i just stuck a grip through the end and NOW it's the length of my hair. :) cant wait to wear it on holiday and when it's warmer. Going to stratford tomorrow so i hope the weathers like it was today (whilst i was at work alllllllll day) excited to hire a boat, drop the ore in the river, get stuck in the reeds and probably crash more than once.

Friday, 24 February 2012


dress - in love with fashion
harness boots - ebay
necklace - f21

i realise that my arms are much more tanned than my legs, for some reason the fake tan just doesn't seem to stay on my legs :( (real shame for me)

Glitter and lace

Dress - h&m
Bag - asos
Necklace - forever 21
shoes - ebay

I bought these shoes from ebay a while ago, i've worn them once, they are 6.5 inch heels and i've only got size 5 feet so they're really hard to walk in for too long but i love them. You can get them here. Dress is really old from h&m but i think these shoes need to be dressed down so you can only really wear them with black, or white or grey, hmm i need to buy a grey t shirt dress. I am loving the weather, i love the sun i think it makes everyone happier, i can't stand the winter, rain, cold, grey sky it's too depressing, I might be going to Stratford (shakespeare stratford not london) on sunday or monday with my good pal Fay and whoever else we can rope into coming, if the weathers still nice! I really want to move somewhere like LA and be in permanent sun, or benidorm just because i LOVE the programme which is back on tonight :D.

Monday, 20 February 2012

dipped hems

Jacket - h&m
clutch - asos
skirt - primark
necklace - forever 21
lipstick - 17

I was early for uni today so i went into primark to waste some time, i havent been to primark for ages and i refuse to go into the birmingham one so i thought i'd go into wolverhampton as it had just opened so it was nice and clean. There was nothing particularly nice in there to be fair mostly just the same old jumpers and cardigans but i came across the dipped hem skirts (above) i loveeeee them! £8, i was so excited when i saw them because i love the ones in river island but there about £25 for the same kind of material, so i bought the black and grey, if they come out in any other colours ill probably get those aswell, they should make some pastel ones deffinitly!

  I'm going for a belated valentine's date with my boyfriend wednesday night so i'll probably wear one of these, don't know which one though! Also i'm loving the purple lipstick i cannot get enough of it, i'm not brave enough to wear it in the day though, and no one seems to love it as much as i do, i think the only person who's said it's nice is my dad! (shame)

There were also some lovely bright coloured blazers in primark for £15 i was tempted to buy the blue one but they didn't have matching shorts, so i decided not to get it as i'm supposed to be curbing my spending since i'm finishing uni in April/May, so i need to get used to not having loans and overdrafts and only spend my wages! HARD.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

work times

Shirt - zara, Necklace - primark, Coat - topshop, Stole - H&m, Rings - H&m, Watch - Casio

Had work today for 4 hours, same tomorrow :( i hate working weekends and i dread the thought of work, until i'm actually there, then it's fine! I usually just do saturdays though so sundays make me feel like i have no time to do anything! This is just what i wore, shirt and leggings, boring but it is just h&m. I was supposed to go out tonight but i've ended up staying in, watched my big fat gypsy wedding and was nearly sick in my own mouth at the pineapple and palm tree dresses. BORING WEEKEND. Need something good to do or somewhere to go soon!

Friday, 17 February 2012

What i'm wearing...

Had to look after my little brother today so i took him to pizza hut, i was wearing an asos crotchet dress, h&m leather jacket, topshop and forever 21 necklaces. I wen't into h&m because the escalators weren't working to go downstairs, i hate the bullring h&m it's tooo busy! but it was actually ok today and i found this dress (bottom picture) i love it, it's £24.99 which is a good price anyway but i'm staff so i got my discount aswell :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Band of gypsies

band of gypsies @ ASOS £14 in the sale
ASOS £25
River island £8!! in the sale from £60
same jacket - back view
Primark £12
ASOS £15
ASOS £15
River island £30
Bought these a couple of weeks ago, i love the band of gypsies kimono because its pink, paisley and has fringing, can't wait to wear it when it get's warmer, the cream crotchet tunic is so good for £25, can be worn with tights, leggings or shorts, i bought it in a bigger size though so it's long enough for a dress! The river island kimono i found in the Bullring, i bought it because it was £8, it would have been rude not to! I NEVER go into the Bullring river island either because it's awful, it's too busy and there's too many scary women in there. The cardigan is a bargain, £12, i love the colour it's really spring/summery and i always wear black/white/grey so it just makes a plain outfit colourful, i got it from the Wolverhampton Primark, i refuse to go to the Birmingham one it's always a mess, the Wolverhampton and Coventry ones are much much nicer. All three clutches are from ASOS, i LOVE them, especially the mint green, can't wait to take them on holiday, i love the way they look with a plain black dress.

Purple lipstick

Boot's 17 lipstick in 'new black' i like it more than the kate moss rimmel purple because it's smooth on the lips, the rimmel one goes all kinds of shades unless you pile it on and it can look a bit patchy. 'New Black' is smooth, unscented and it stays on your lips for about 2 hours before you need to touch it up. The only bad thing about it is that it stains your lips bright pink! A bit of make up remover get's it off straight away though.

Love for bralets

River Island £28
River Island £25
Topshop £14
Topshop £24
My favourite is the black river island one, i love the fringe i think it would look good with high waist shorts or paperbag skirts and a kimono, ivy (90210) style. This is why im on a diet, so i can mince around in these for 2 weeks in Cyprus!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


All from forever 21, i really like forever 21 for jewellery, not so much the clothes, i think sometimes you find the odd nice thing in there but most of the time the clothes look good on display just not on me! The jewellery is really lovely from there, i think the price is good aswell considering the amount topshop charges for more or less the same thing! One more thing i found on the website when i was browsing was the beaded aztec clutch! LOVE.

Monday, 6 February 2012


Glitter boots - ebay :)<3
jelly belly from zack
christmas cupcakes i made

jewellery i need to buy a bowl for
peace and evil eye bracelets ebay <3

nandos salad :)
diy skull jumper

enchiladas i made and jalapenos <3
my three new clutches i got from asos <3<3<3
snow, go away.