Wednesday, 19 December 2012

MinkPink Paisley Print Goodness and other tempting treats...

(Left Dress) MinkPink Velvet dress @ Urban Outfitters £65
MinkPink Paisley trapeze dress @ asos £55

OH MY LOVE off the shoulder dress @ asos £35
TOPSHOP geek shoes £30
PULL & BEAR khaki wool and shearling gilet £49.99

This is basically my christmas wishlist that i would definitely buy for myself if i didn't have to spend money on everyone else :( I have saturday to find the rest of the christmas presents that i need to buy for people but i think ive got most of it done it just all needs wrapping! I don't really feel christmassy this year compared to the last few years, i don't think it has properly sunk in yet that christmas is in 5 days because im at work all the time whereas for the last 3 years i was bumming around at uni having all the time in the world to do what i wanted! Work is NO FUN AT ALL. If i happen to stumble upon the velvet dress in urban outfitters on saturday though im not sure ill be able to walk out without it, it's so so Winter kate but half the price! 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Candycane and Rudolph glitter nails.

 Glitter - The Range £2.99
Brown - Barry M mushroom £2.99 from Boots
Black - Barry M black £2.99 from Boots
White - Given as a gift in a manicure set so i dont know :S
Top coat - Models own 
Tonight i seem to have come over all festive! Possibly because i caught my mom watching the worst christmas film ever made this afternoon, i don't even know what it was called but it was American and it was pure camembert cheese, so so cringey about 2 neighbours competing against each other over having the best christmas lights, there was also a teenage love story involving the daughter of one neighbour called suzy and the son of the other called chip. I say no more. As well as that god awful movie she also watched several of Jamie Olivers christmas programmes (which i enjoyed watching.)
So once all of this was over i ended up painting a reindeer onto my nail just messing around but then i thought hmm apart from his wonky nose i actually think i did quite well, so off i went and carried on with a candy cane. I wasn't thinking about blogging them so i didn't photograph the process but i basically just cut up thin lines of selotape to do the candy cane and also to do the reindeers nose. The glitter i got in a pack from the range (such a good homeware shop!) All i did was put on a clear base and then sprinkle over the glitter, so simple! To do the antlers i cut a cotton bud in a diagonal and used to point to dip in the black barry m varnish and voila!  
Festive Fingers :) 

Revlon Really Red

Revlon Really Red - Boots £7.49

Hey Guysss, so i recently picked this lipstick up from Boots whilst browsing for a perfect red lipstick due to failing at choosing a 'really' red lipstick when previously purchasing a lipstick of the red variety. (blaaa)  In other words, i have never really found the perfect true red. One of the failed red colours i purchased before and hated is the Kate moss first collection lipstick in number 12, this was too orangey and bright for my skin i felt. Soo, after trying this Revlon Matte lipstick out for an 8 hour shift at work what i found was the following...

Pigmentation: 10/10 - One swipe application.
Wearing time: 10/10 - It literally lasted me all day, i didn't NEED to touch up.
Feel: This lipstick is a matte lipstick so obviously has no moisture whatsoever, however, i found that it didn't dry out my lips, instead just felt as though i wasn't wearing anything.
Overall: Perfect red lipstick, it's not too bright, not too dark, long lasting, inexpensive and highly pigmented. I will 100% be trying out more of this matte collection. 

I will post a full face (:|) photo of me wearing this lipstick at some point but today i was slightly hungover and therefore unable to do so, but this little cut out mouth does the colour no justice (against my yellow skin :\ hmm.)