Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Candycane and Rudolph glitter nails.

 Glitter - The Range £2.99
Brown - Barry M mushroom £2.99 from Boots
Black - Barry M black £2.99 from Boots
White - Given as a gift in a manicure set so i dont know :S
Top coat - Models own 
Tonight i seem to have come over all festive! Possibly because i caught my mom watching the worst christmas film ever made this afternoon, i don't even know what it was called but it was American and it was pure camembert cheese, so so cringey about 2 neighbours competing against each other over having the best christmas lights, there was also a teenage love story involving the daughter of one neighbour called suzy and the son of the other called chip. I say no more. As well as that god awful movie she also watched several of Jamie Olivers christmas programmes (which i enjoyed watching.)
So once all of this was over i ended up painting a reindeer onto my nail just messing around but then i thought hmm apart from his wonky nose i actually think i did quite well, so off i went and carried on with a candy cane. I wasn't thinking about blogging them so i didn't photograph the process but i basically just cut up thin lines of selotape to do the candy cane and also to do the reindeers nose. The glitter i got in a pack from the range (such a good homeware shop!) All i did was put on a clear base and then sprinkle over the glitter, so simple! To do the antlers i cut a cotton bud in a diagonal and used to point to dip in the black barry m varnish and voila!  
Festive Fingers :) 

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