Wednesday, 19 December 2012

MinkPink Paisley Print Goodness and other tempting treats...

(Left Dress) MinkPink Velvet dress @ Urban Outfitters £65
MinkPink Paisley trapeze dress @ asos £55

OH MY LOVE off the shoulder dress @ asos £35
TOPSHOP geek shoes £30
PULL & BEAR khaki wool and shearling gilet £49.99

This is basically my christmas wishlist that i would definitely buy for myself if i didn't have to spend money on everyone else :( I have saturday to find the rest of the christmas presents that i need to buy for people but i think ive got most of it done it just all needs wrapping! I don't really feel christmassy this year compared to the last few years, i don't think it has properly sunk in yet that christmas is in 5 days because im at work all the time whereas for the last 3 years i was bumming around at uni having all the time in the world to do what i wanted! Work is NO FUN AT ALL. If i happen to stumble upon the velvet dress in urban outfitters on saturday though im not sure ill be able to walk out without it, it's so so Winter kate but half the price! 


  1. That paisley dress and them shoes are perfect!
    lucy xx

    1. I know the dress keeps selling out on asos! gah so annoying and the student discount has gone back to 10% :(