Saturday, 25 February 2012

feather hair

headband - h&m

I bought this headband from work aggggggggggggessss ago, it was £1.99 or something like that, i bought it online so i didn't know how long the feathers were and when it came they were too short, it looked like i was wearing one earring, i didnt like the way the headband looked either, i thought it was a bit young looking AND they give me a headache anyway. SO i took apart the feathers and attached them all together to make a long line, the links were indestructable, usually they are so easy to bend and pull apart but they were solid so it took a while and i had to get my primark nail scissors involved, to put it in my hair i just stuck a grip through the end and NOW it's the length of my hair. :) cant wait to wear it on holiday and when it's warmer. Going to stratford tomorrow so i hope the weathers like it was today (whilst i was at work alllllllll day) excited to hire a boat, drop the ore in the river, get stuck in the reeds and probably crash more than once.

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