Friday, 24 February 2012

Glitter and lace

Dress - h&m
Bag - asos
Necklace - forever 21
shoes - ebay

I bought these shoes from ebay a while ago, i've worn them once, they are 6.5 inch heels and i've only got size 5 feet so they're really hard to walk in for too long but i love them. You can get them here. Dress is really old from h&m but i think these shoes need to be dressed down so you can only really wear them with black, or white or grey, hmm i need to buy a grey t shirt dress. I am loving the weather, i love the sun i think it makes everyone happier, i can't stand the winter, rain, cold, grey sky it's too depressing, I might be going to Stratford (shakespeare stratford not london) on sunday or monday with my good pal Fay and whoever else we can rope into coming, if the weathers still nice! I really want to move somewhere like LA and be in permanent sun, or benidorm just because i LOVE the programme which is back on tonight :D.


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    1. Thankyou!:) your blog is really cute! i love your outfit post with the topshop jumper and dress! really suits you x