Thursday, 16 February 2012

Band of gypsies

band of gypsies @ ASOS £14 in the sale
ASOS £25
River island £8!! in the sale from £60
same jacket - back view
Primark £12
ASOS £15
ASOS £15
River island £30
Bought these a couple of weeks ago, i love the band of gypsies kimono because its pink, paisley and has fringing, can't wait to wear it when it get's warmer, the cream crotchet tunic is so good for £25, can be worn with tights, leggings or shorts, i bought it in a bigger size though so it's long enough for a dress! The river island kimono i found in the Bullring, i bought it because it was £8, it would have been rude not to! I NEVER go into the Bullring river island either because it's awful, it's too busy and there's too many scary women in there. The cardigan is a bargain, £12, i love the colour it's really spring/summery and i always wear black/white/grey so it just makes a plain outfit colourful, i got it from the Wolverhampton Primark, i refuse to go to the Birmingham one it's always a mess, the Wolverhampton and Coventry ones are much much nicer. All three clutches are from ASOS, i LOVE them, especially the mint green, can't wait to take them on holiday, i love the way they look with a plain black dress.

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