Monday, 20 February 2012

dipped hems

Jacket - h&m
clutch - asos
skirt - primark
necklace - forever 21
lipstick - 17

I was early for uni today so i went into primark to waste some time, i havent been to primark for ages and i refuse to go into the birmingham one so i thought i'd go into wolverhampton as it had just opened so it was nice and clean. There was nothing particularly nice in there to be fair mostly just the same old jumpers and cardigans but i came across the dipped hem skirts (above) i loveeeee them! £8, i was so excited when i saw them because i love the ones in river island but there about £25 for the same kind of material, so i bought the black and grey, if they come out in any other colours ill probably get those aswell, they should make some pastel ones deffinitly!

  I'm going for a belated valentine's date with my boyfriend wednesday night so i'll probably wear one of these, don't know which one though! Also i'm loving the purple lipstick i cannot get enough of it, i'm not brave enough to wear it in the day though, and no one seems to love it as much as i do, i think the only person who's said it's nice is my dad! (shame)

There were also some lovely bright coloured blazers in primark for £15 i was tempted to buy the blue one but they didn't have matching shorts, so i decided not to get it as i'm supposed to be curbing my spending since i'm finishing uni in April/May, so i need to get used to not having loans and overdrafts and only spend my wages! HARD.


  1. I saw these in Primark yesterday - was only popping in for work trousers and ended up leaving with both!
    I love them so much, didn't think they'd suit me but they look really nice on.

    1. I know i thought exactly the same thing but i tried them on when i got home and they fit so nicely, i thought they might be clingy and unflattering because of the material but they aren't at all!