Sunday, 26 February 2012

Summer's in the air and baby, Heaven's in your eyes.

dress - h&m
belt - primark
kimono - river island
bag - ebay
necklace - topshop
rings - topshop, h&m
bracelets - new look, ebay

Went to Stratford to make the most of the sun, being British and all. This is what i wore, i took a leather jacket aswell, the accessorize in stratford has some beaaaautiful things in it i had to stop myself from buying them, but i probably will next time i'm in the bullring. The one thing that i was gonna buy, this red string bracelet with initials on, which was so cuteee, they didn't have a J! Also i wasn't happy because the boat man wasn't there so we couldn't hire a boat for an hour :( instead we went to the pub and had a kopparberg, went to magic alley an looked at the spells, had a milkshake from moo moo's which you should definitly try if you go to Stratford any time soon, they have about 548768976 different flavours for example, cherry drop milkshake, rhubarb and custard, wham bar, and jamaican gingerbread!? And we looked at the year round christmas shop, it was sooo cute! and it was a bit like being in a christmas carol because the buildings are so old fashioned and small. Decided to go to Solihull on the way home to get a juicy cocktail from Tgi Fridays and some sesame chicken strips because they are SO good. nom

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