Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rainy Tuesday...

Leather Jacket - h&m
dress - primark
scarf - Alexander McQueen
rings - h&m 
bag - ebay
sandals - primark

Boring day today, as per usual, it's so boring in the weekdays now i haven't got assignments or dissertations to write! Need a full time job soon, i can't be working at h&m at weekends and bumming around in the week for much longer. 

Crap picture quality but i just decided last minute to take some pictures of what i threw on to go out today, i've decided to carry on my blog due to boredom, i only started it for my dissertation and stopped when i didn't need it anymore, but i thought i might as well give it a go, changed the layout which i think looks nicer, it was too cluttered before and everything was default.

Today i just went for some 356 calorie sweet chilli noodles and a diet coke from wetherspoon's with my mother, it torrentially rained on the way back which made my hair go funny and flat, it looked wavier and bigger this morning. I also don't have any extensions in today which i hate but i couldn't be bothered to mess around with my hair when i was getting ready. 

So excited about going on holiday now, everytime there is a small amount of sun i get happy at the thought of actually being able to wear the clothes I've been buying. Also, started going swimming with jodie and fay which is good, not that we do as much swimming as we do gossiping or bitching about people but nevermind.

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