Monday, 5 March 2012

New hair...

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I HATE my hair atm, it's a horrible colour, the ends are frizzy, my moroccan oil isn't doing anything, everytime i dye it, it fades, it doesnt go wavy properly, it's either really curly or just bad messy not good messy, and i hate wearing my hair up i feel exposed (lol) but i wear it up nearly everyday to uni and work. For some reason my sea salt sprays have stopped working, the fudge one and the umberto giannini, they don't make my hair wavy they just made it look damp and sticky, which is annoying! I've decided i need a different hair colour but i don't know what, so instead i've decided i might dip dye the ends baby pink, or just dye some strands underneath (can't decide) I had it dipdyed tropical green last summer and i loved it but it was too hard to get out of the blonde so it looked like i had bleached my hair and washed it off with chlorine, and i did it lilac not that long ago but i didn't like it, it was too grey. I wouldn't mind my hair looking like any of these pictures, especially the all over pink olsen, or Gillian Zinser, obviously (L)

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