Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday #5 Things - 2

1. kitten heels - h&m £24.99
2. Mac studio finish concealor - £14.50
3. Topshop lipstick in beguiled - £8
4. Oversized jumper h&m - £14.99
5. Topshop horror tee - £18

Another friday five things that i've had my eye on recently, i've chosen to do it on friday's because i get paid on friday's so i think it's fitting, i don't necessarily buy all of these things but i ponder over them for a while. In the post previously i showed you two pairs of shoes...
1. the h&m shoes are the ones i'm leaning towards i think!
2. Mac concealer, probably a weird thing to think about because concealer is an everyday product for most people but i don't wear it at all in the day i only wear the dainty doll concealer i posted about when i'm going out to brighten my face under the bronzer and blusher, i think i'm going to buy this concealer because it's had some good reviews, i wanted to get the studio sculpt but i've heard it's being discontinued so what would be the point?

3. Topshop dark red lips!! love this colour, i really want this i've been looking for this type of colour for a while, i bought one from collection 2000 (i think) but it was a horrible consistency, really messy, bled into the cracks in my lips and i had a horrible feeling it was going to go all down my chin and on my teeth whilst i'm at work or shopping or whatever, so i need to swatch this before i buy it but usually the topshop lipsticks are like a creamy matte which would be perfect.

4. This jumper from h&m, i've actually tried it on at work and it fit's perectly, i'm definitly buying this to go under a black fur gilet i bought which i'll post about soon, i also think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans, the topshop lipstick and the shoes!

5. I LOVE this t shirt from topshop, i wish i'd bought it when i first saw it online but i never and now it's sold out and it's not available in ANY store :(  :(  :(
I love it so much, it's so halloweeny and i absolutely love halloween it's my favorite time of year!

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