Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What i'm wearing... to work.

Blazer - h&m
Leather skirt - h&m
leotard - forever 21
boots - matalan
scarf - h&m
bag - topshop
collar - h&m

Just what i wore to work today, not very good pictures because i took them on my phone really quickly before i had to go. I rediscovered this skirt, i bought it last year but it came in the delivery again the other day and i thought hmm i forgot about that! Must wear again!. Also rediscovered this blazer that i bought a couple of years ago, i put it on with an outfit a few weeks ago and decided that i really liked it again, it's double breasted which i really like and it's quite long, it just looks a lot smarter than the blazers weve had recently so i'm really glad i bought it now because it's lasted me so long!
Tomorrow i finally have a day off so i'm going to see paranorman with my old pal Fay, were going to go for lunch aswell somewhere because she has 2 for 1 at bella italia, cafe rouge, ask italian and pizza express, so weve just got to decide where to go! I'll possibly do another outfit post tomorrow, depends if i can be bothered to put anything reasonably nice on because tonight im feeling really sick and ill :(

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