Friday, 14 September 2012


h&m - £24.99
Matalan - £16

So this is an odd post but i really cannot decide between these two shoes, the first ones are beautiful and i love them because they have the metal cap and also metal heel which is perfect, i also like the way the shoe dips in the inside, so much like the zara ones, however the only issue i have with these ones is that the metal is silver, i don't wear much silver so i'd need to buy like a silver collar or something to match them which is not a problem as such! Also i work at h&m so i get discount which means that the two pairs are near enough the same price.

The second pair are from matalan which is really odd for matalan as i think of it as an older persons shop but actually they have some nice shoes and boots on the website, i have bought some ankle boots from there recently which i will post about in a what ive been buying post because i seem to have bought a lot recently for the autumn/winter season as it's my favourite! I really like these because the cap is gold which i think just look's more expensive and i already have a gold collar to match them.

So please please help me decide which ones to buy!


  1. The ones from H&M are more practical cause the heel is medal. You can mix gold and silver and achieve good looking outfits:) I´d still say go for the matalan shoes cause you already have thought of accessorizes to go with them!

    1. Thankyou! the matalan one's are suede as well so more prone to getting scuffed and damaged!
      I know what you mean about mixing the colours, i've got stack rings with gold silver rose and grey which would match aswell i suppose! x