Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Two colour dip dye.

Crazy colour - pine green
Jadore - aquamarine
both £2.50

I dip dyed my hair a few times last winter, i had directions lilac (i didn't like this brand i thought the colours were weak and washed out quickly) and stargazer tropical green, this time i decided to use two colours together, i went to a hair shop in birmingham and came across these brands which i'd never even heard of before, they were really cheap and the hair examples in the shop looked really nice so i bought them. I put both of the colours on together to kind of blend them in the middle, left them on for a few minutes and washed it out, the colour turned out really well, it's extremely pigmented and so far has hardly washed out at all. I want to get the colours out now though (which im struggling to) because i have another idea of how i want to do it with more pastel colours, when i do i'll post better pics, i wasn't thinking about blogging these at the time i was just instagramming @jademcclelland

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