Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cyprus outfit #1

head chain - asos
bracelet - new look
bralet - f21
belt - primark
skirt - ebay
sandals - h&m
bag - republic

not a very good quality photo, i deffo need a new camera, i've lost the memory card for my SLR so been using my old canon camera for all of the photos on this blog so far! Also this was taken by my boyfriend who only learnt to take pictures length ways because i kept moaning at him about it, so he obviously didn't adjust any settings for this, put the flash on etc. Anyway, i didn't take pictures of every outfit i wore for the 2 weeks i was in cyprus because 1. i forgot, 2. i was too drunk, 3. it was too hot and sweaty or 3. i was having too much of a good time to think about it.
This was one of my favourite outfit's whilst i was there, i love the bralet, it's so comfy to wear, i also got a lace black one which i wore with a rust sheer maxi skirt, but i didnt get a photo of it :(, i'll have to take one at some point. I miss being on holiday, since i've been back the weather here is so depressing, i'm actually looking forward to around october when it doesnt rain because it's far too cold to create any moisture!


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  1. Wow your hair is so amazing love it! And that little top looks so cute on you :)

    Lots of love,

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