Tuesday, 24 January 2012

last semester...

 Knitted dress:Topshop, Fringe Jacket:Topshop, Leather Jacket:H&M, Bag:Ebay

This is just what i threw on for uni today, partly because i couldn't be bothered to iron anything and partly because i LOVE this fringe jacket. I got the jacket last year it was about £50 but i only wore it once! due to a very drunk friend of mine being sick next to me in a taxi whilst i was wearing it, after i got it cleaned i just forgot about it and it went to the back of my wardrobe. I reaaallly want the sun to come out so i can wear all my of new kimonos i seem to have bought lately and not freeze to death. Also i know my pictures are rubbish but it's too much effort setting my camera up, also i find it cringey posing for photos on my own AND i would of been late for my lecture!

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