Monday, 8 July 2013

Something to get festive about - ORLY Halloween 2013

Maybe not too exciting but nevertheless... this is the Halloween 2013 collection from Orly and to be honest, it's not fantastic but the fact that Halloween is coming so close and so fast i couldn't help but get a bit excited by it.
So basically there are only four shades in the collection which are all pretty much the same apart from the glitter black.
You may not be able to tell but the two oranges are in fact different shades:

Top left - Orange Punch
Top right - Liquid Vinyl
Bottom left - Goth
Bottom right - Melt your Popsicle

I can't wait for autumn now, get the be thankful Yankee candles out and start wearing shirt jumper combos and chunky scarves. And the sun's only just made it's appearance in the UK... OH WELL.

Anyway, the collection is out mid August in the US and September sometime in the UK.

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