Monday, 22 July 2013

#NOTD Barry M Blueberry

 Barry M - Blueberry 306 - £2.99

So, iv'e decided to attempt to blog again, im attempting to post at least once a week but hopefully more, but we'll see. :| i know im a terrible blogger i'm just so lazy.
Anyway, i got this colour in april and yet iv'e never used it since tonight and actually i really like it, i didn't think i would as blue isn't really a colour i would go for. 
This is just one coat, after taking the photos i applied another coat which wasn't necessarily needed but i just prefer two coats, i like to know my nail is fully polished!

pigmentation - 9/10 - one coat is fine if your in a rush
drying time - 9/10 - a few minutes and its done which is good considering the thickness
application - 8/10 - standard brush, easy to apply.

overall - 9/10

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